The beginnings

Mr. Mike Grannary, owner of Alliance Logistics Solutions, started his career in 1989, with Kingsway Transport Inc., owned at the time by Federal Industries. He started as a dockman, handling the cross docking of diversified merchandise (LTL MIX) between trailers, the warehouse and trucks. Subsequently, he acquired knowledge in customer service and became in charge of the claims department. In 1991, as the company is sold to Cabano Transport, Mr. Grannary was promoted to the operations department learning the basics of dispatching.

It is when he joined a company specialized in parcel and courier transportation, a few years later, that he acquired knowledge in sales and marketing.

Afterwards, he developed his operational abilities through companies servicing the U.S. market. During these years, he was in charge of dispatching drivers and specialized in freight transportation between Canada and the United States while developing further his knowledge in custom procedures.


In 2002-2003, he acquired entrepreneurial experience and became president of the companies TTL Logistics and TTL Express. Being pioneers, these companies reunited transportation brokerage and international transportation services. The logistic division hired owner-operators and outsourced with other transport businesses while TTL Express was operating with its own fleet of equipment and drivers. The idea was to offer a complete transport service all under one roof. Customers did not have to go through making several calls to different carriers anymore to find the service that they were looking for.

Building on those achievements, Mr. Grannary established logistic departments in several transport companies in Quebec and undertook the reorganization of some of them. After several years of work in the transportation sector, of training, and in self-involvement in international trade and marketing studies, he can now offer a solid support to his customers in terms of import and export. As an associate during the past few years in a family-owned business specialized in warehousing, adding another string to his bow and improving his knowledge in the field of logistics.

Always eager to help customers expand their business through efficient transportation logistics, Mr. Grannary decided to start his own company, which he named Alliance Logistics Solutions Inc. With over 30 years of experience to understand the needs of his customers and to reconcile the unlikeliest issues, Mr. Grannary is now proud to offer a turnkey service to businesses and to contribute to their expansion here and abroad.

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