In order to highlight the quality of our service and the satisfaction of our customers, here are a few testimonials.


Testimonial from a satisfied customer of Alliance Solutions expertise

Australian customer who received parts transported by air to repair one of its excavators. The pieces left St-Prime in Lac St-Jean, then transported by road to Montreal and from Montreal to Sydney in Australia by air.

It is a pleasure to note the recognition of our customers !

«I thought you might like to see the outcome of your efforts in getting the spare part ready to ship to us, consigning it from Canada and receiving it and clearing it in Australia.
The part was for our 85 tonne excavator; a critical part of the operations at our quarry. In the first picture, it’s the one working on the highwall. It pulls the material down from the highwall and places it for our 29 tonne excavators to feed it into the crushers. Our quarry is an extinct volcano core and basalt is the rock we are quarrying.
We are located in the state of New South Wales and the area is known as the North West Slopes and Plains.
Hope you enjoy the photos and again, thanks in helping us to get us up and running again.»
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